Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall – Complete Review

Last Updated: 24.08.19


Main product characteristics


The Carepeutic is packed with all kinds of technologies and therapy features.

Anyone would feel hard pressed to find another foot spa machine that packs more features and technologies than the Carepeutic. Using advanced technologies, like ozone therapy and water jet surfing, this machine is guaranteed to offer you a great massage that will quickly relieve your feet of all the stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the day. The strong air bubble massage feature provides a great massage for your feet and calves.

This foot spa is safe to use and it offers good insulation.

Maintaining water at the same temperature is not exactly an easy feat, but this machine comes equipped with its own system of adjusting water temperature, so you can enjoy the best comfort all the time. The unit has double insulation, to prevent heat loss, and it is also safe to use, which is very important for any user.


Draining the water is a breeze, due to the special system employed on the model.

Draining the water from a foot spa tub is always a hassle, but not if you opt for the Carepeutic. This unit has its own motorized smart water drainage system that is locked while you are using the spa tub, and can be activated for easy drainage, once you are over with it. Such conveniences are not commonplace in many similar products, so this is a great feature that needs to be mentioned.



Benefits of using the product


The machine ensures that your feet will get the relief they need through thorough massage.

At the end of a long day, everything you need is a good relaxing bath for your feet. However, the Carepeutic does more than just help you soak your feet in hot water; it also offers you a thorough massage through its different functions, so that your feet and calves are, indeed, relieved of all the pressure and tension accumulated during the day. Your feet will feel wonderful and you will feel the same once you are done with your bath.


The energy flow in your body is restored, for a good night’s sleep and energetic days.

One of the great benefits of this machine is that it manages to restore the energy flow inside your body. The blood circulation is greatly improved, which means that oxygen and other nutrients are easily transported throughout the body, helping with healing and with stress relief. This kind of machine smoothes the meridians of your energy systems, and you will enjoy better rest at night. Also, you will feel more energetic the next day.


This foot spa will help you become healthier and happier.

The benefits of foot massage are well known and this is why it is recommended to get some foot massage at the end of each day. Healthy feet are the foundation of good health overall, and that is why this machine is capable of improving your wellbeing and quality of life as a whole. You will face each day with renewed strength and you will be healthier. Using this unit every evening will help you feel happier, too, since you will not feel so tired anymore.


Owner feedback


People who need to spend a lot of time on their feet or walking talk in high praise terms about this machine. User reviews say that the machine is easy to use, as its programs are not difficult to figure out, and buyers appreciate not having to struggle with the drainage process, as it is the case with other similar products.



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