Cleanse your body using a foot bath

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Considered one of the safest, easiest and most effective means to rid the body of accumulated toxins, a foot bath, specifically a detox foot bath, helps you experience a unique detoxing experience without the need to go on a strict diet regimen. Although foot detox has been hyped about in other products such as detox foot pads, there’s nothing like an actual detox foot spa that can help deliver natural body cleansing. If you have had a late night out drinking with your buddies, or you feel a cold coming, or simply feel that your toxicity levels are pretty high, a foot bath may just do the trick to flush out those impurities from your body.

1.Cleanse your body using a footh bath

You can always take detoxification supplements, have a colon cleanse or go on a fasting diet, but a detox foot bath offers a physical manifestation of how toxins are eliminated from your system with the way the color of the water changes. Equipped with a detox array that generates positive and negative ions, this kind of equipment uses electrodes that work with the water to draw out those unwanted elements in your different body systems, which can include pesticides used in the food we eat, the many chemical and synthetic elements used in processing our foods, the pollutants we get exposed to everyday, or just the various negative elements generated in our blood stream as a result of leading stressful, tiring lifestyles.


Although disputed by oppositionists to the entire principal of foot detoxification, using a detox foot bath may be beneficial to reduce the recovery time for injuries or surgery, since the soothing heat can travel through the nerve endings in the feet to help repair damaged body tissues. Users of ionic detox foot baths have also felt rejuvenated with their enhanced immune systems and relief from pain and stiffness attributed to arthritis. You might also have improved sleep with regular foot baths thanks to the calming effect of the hot water, which you can supplement with some items such as epsom salts or commercial bath salts that you can add to the heated water in some units.


The heavy metals collected in your blood can cause all sorts of disorders and diseases, but using a foot bath could gently draw out those impurities out of your system. The heated water in a good quality foot bath could remove the blood clot material by dissolving it with gentle heat. You can also get improved liver and kidney function with regular use of a foot spa that rids your body of the various impurities.

2.Cleanse your body using a foot bath

You can use a detox foot bath on a regular basis, for up to 45 minutes for every treatment. Using a foot bath to get great results doesn’t have to exceed just once a day for deep foot cleansing. Able to soothe and relax fried nerves, a foot bath lets you unwind while in your favorite chair after a tiring and stress-filled day. Combine this with meditation and some deep breathing techniques so you can get an optimum level of oxygen in your body while enjoying a sense of tranquility and well-being as you soak your feet in a blissful foot bath.