Conair FB27/FB27R – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22



Main product characteristics



This product ships with three pedicure attachments.

Equipped with one single big node, one large node and one pinpoint node, this model provides all the pampering needed to keep your feet looking neat, well cared for and supple. The pinpoint node stimulates precise pressure points on the feet that are connected to specific organs of the body, effectively coaxing out the aches and pains in a gentle manner. The single large node attachment allows you to apply firm pressure to certain areas of the feet for gross stimulation. The large node component has six large nodes to stimulate different areas of your feet to ease out stress from the nerve endings in the feet. The pinpoint node attachment has a number of thin spikes that deliver massaging action to the tiniest nerve endings, giving you a full foot massage.


The unit boasts hydrotherapy using modern technology.

Producing bubbles and heat, this model uses technology based on the concept of hydrotherapy. It uses the power of hot water to unclog blocked nerve endings and release unwanted toxins that may have accumulated because of living an unhealthy lifestyle. With heated hydrotherapy, the machine uses the healing properties of the heated water plus the body’s reaction to the hot stimulus, the prolonged application of heat and the pressure exerted by the bubbles that are created in the water as well as the sensation of the water itself. The sensation that is felt by your skin from the two bubble strips is carried by the nerves deeper into the body.


This product boasts superior craftsmanship using only the finest materials.

The non-slip feet ensure safe and spill-free use. No need to place a rug underneath or to have the machine on the carpet for stability. The attractive translucent splashguard prevents messy water spills during use. This is a UL and CUL listed product that has earned certification from relevant consumer welfare organizations, testifying to its effective functionality, superior quality and genuine effectiveness as a consumer product. It produces just the right heat and bubbles using the touchpad control that offers easy access using your toes. The heat feature and soothing bubbles ensure that the right temperature of warm water is maintained during an entire 15-minute session.

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Benefits of using the product


This machine uses advanced technology to alleviate the symptoms of poor circulation.

We often forget that the least pampered part of our body also happens to carry vital nerve endings that connect to different organs of our body. Utilizing the principles of acupressure and hydrotherapy combined, this machine enables you to enjoy a relaxing and soothing 15-minute session of foot pampering to ease your cares and pains away, resulting in the stimulation of the immune system, the reduction of stress hormone production, the improvement of digestion, the promotion of good blood flow and the lessening of your body’s sensitivity to pain.


The bubbles incorporated into the foot bath provide a more intense massage.

The Conair foot bath produces bubbles that ensure a more intense massage. It’s not enough that the machine uses heated water. The bubbles that it generates provide a more indepth massaging action by using the stimulating mechanism of the bubbles to soften the skin of the feet and deliver soothing heat that can travel through the nerve endings in the feet to the body’s vital organs. This means a more effective means of promoting better blood circulation by opening up blocked nerve channels and making the blood flow better and more freely.


The machine lessens the frequency of getting a pedicure.

Thanks to the softening properties of the warm water in the basin, the dirt in your toenails and the old skin of the feet are softened. This enables you to do your own pedicure, saving you dollars and the effort and time of going to a professional salon. You can save hundreds of dollars by getting this machine that costs even less than a pedicure treatment in a professional salon.



Owner feedback


The machine’s heat feature does not heat water but keeps the temperature of the warm water you put into the machine. It will not heat water from cold, but ensures that the warm water you put in stays at the safe warm level till the end of your session. The loud sound during operation ensures consistent production of massaging bubbles.

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