Conair FB30R – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22



Main product characteristics


This is a state-of-the-art percussion vibration massager with three attachments.

The revolutionary percussion vibration is activated using two toe-touch controls. This lets you sit up straight in your favorite chair and not have to bend down just to activate the vibration feature, which stimulates the nerve endings in your feet to relieve aches and pains caused by clogged nerve channels all over the body. The three attachments include the single large node and double large node for a relaxing rolling massage plus the pinpoint node that delivers precise points of stimulation to the feet. All the three attachments enable you to customize your massage, ensuring that you can enjoy the ultimate massage experience.


The single wall housing features a unique, soft lower calf leg rest.

During the foot bath process, you won’t have to hold your legs at a straight awkward position in the tub. The foot bath basin comes with a lower calf leg rest that lets you lean your legs in a relaxed position without cutting sharply into your calves. This is supplemented by the compact splash guard that prevents messy spills on the floor during foot spa use. The calf rest ensures that the lip of the basin won’t bite into your legs and cause abrasion or injury, especially since the hot water can make the skin more sensitive because the skin pores are opened up by the heat. Thanks to the innovative calf rest, your legs or calves won’t get cuts or ugly marks.


This model comes with other convenient features to ensure easy use.

Aside from the full platform where your feet get treated to massaging full bubbles, the machine also features two toe-touch controls for easy activation of the percussion vibration and the microbubbles for customized foot massage with heat. All the attachments and other components can be stored in the compact basin. The machine also comes with a 6-inch UL cord with wrap to enable easy access to a wall socket along with hassle-free storage. It also provides spot massage function so you can enjoy customized foot massage.

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Benefits of using the product


The machine lets you enjoy indulgence to a fresh new level.

Imagine being able to get a foot spa when you want and in the comfort of your own home. This Conair footbath makes that possible. Unwind after a full day of stress and work with this impressive machine that combines percussion vibration, heat and effervescent bubbles to massage your feet in a most indulgent way, kneading all the pain and stress away as gently as a salon foot spa treatment can.


You won’t even need to stress yourself out trying to activate the vibration and bubble massage features.

This machine features toe-touch controls so you only need to sit back and relax in a comfortable position in your favorite chair and just press the corresponding button on the machine using your toes to activate the percussion pattern or a combination of bubbles and heat. No need to bend down and touch anything with your fingers. Your skin gets gently soothed on the platform with bubbles to deliver therapeutic and warm massaging sensation to help make you feel relaxed and pampered at the end of a stressful work day.


The extra depth of the basin allows full foot massage experience.

Not all foot baths are deep and large enough for large feet. Fortunately, this model accommodates the foot spa needs of men and women with big feet. The maximum fill line is readily visible so you can really see the level of water you put in. The water is prevented from getting spilled out of the container and comes up to your legs but not on the floor. The coverage is enough to keep your feet submerged in enough hot water till you’re done.



Owner feedback


This foot bath will not heat water but is still designed to keep the temperature of warm water during a 15-minute session. It has an extra large basin that handles even size 14 feet and provides customized massage. Delivering the same level and quality of service that other Conair products are engineered to do, this foot bath will surely give you years of use.

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