Conair FB5X – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22



Main product characteristics


This model is equipped with over 150 stimulating massage nodes.

Providing a full foot massage, this model has more than 150 stimulating massage nodes. The acupressure massage nodes on the machine platform work to relax, stimulate and refresh the feet. The soles of your feet have hundreds of nerve endings connected to the body’s vital organs. The machine produces special foot massaging action that relaxes and soothes your feet after a full day of stress. The massage nodes ensure that each nerve ending gets properly massaged and soothed to ease away the stress and pain you may be experiencing due to prolonged standing, ill-fitting shoes, endless walking and other activities.


The unit comes with one pedicure attachment.

The included pedicure attachment is a pinpoint node tool that allows you to apply pressure to different nerve endings on the feet to complete the foot spa experience. It can also be used to slough off dead skin cells for replacement with new ones so your feet can remain soft and supple that would seem like you always wear protective socks to maintain the feet’s skin texture. No need to regularly visit a salon just to get your feet pampered. This model saves you money on professional services while letting you enjoy foot spa benefits in the comfort of your home.


This machine is made extra deep and comes with a number of convenient features.

The depth of the basin allows use for large to average feet. The heat feature keeps the temperature of the warm water that you pour into the foot bath, giving you a full 15-minute foot soak in heated water. The toe-touch control activates the soothing bubble plus heat feature to provide bubbling massage to your feet. The basin is made extra deep to allow full foot massage along with the massage modes. The nodes on the splash guard and base supplement the massage action. The footrest splash guard ensures easy feet positioning for pedicures.

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Benefits of using the product


The special foot massaging action helps resolve a lot of health issues.

The special foot massaging action you get from the nodes in the basin and the bubbling water can alleviate fatigue after a stressful day and can improve circulation thanks to the way the bubbles and the nodes work together for customized massage action. The nodes promote healthy blood flow, induce relaxation, increase oxygen delivery to the red blood cells, and re-energize the legs and feet. This machine helps alleviate the symptoms of poor blood circulation that include arthritis, headaches and migraine, acidity and indigestion, insomnia and many more.


The special massaging action promotes long-term health and vitality.

The hot water also opens up the skin pores on your feet to remove accumulated toxins in the organs of the body. This helps prevent illness or helps the immune system work optimally. The massage action also invigorates cellular vitality and regeneration and prevents ageing. The foot meridians get massaged effectively and comfortably. With better sleep patterns, you enjoy more restful sleep to improve the capability of your internal organs to function properly.


Having this machine in your home saves you money.

Since the hot water loosens the dirt in your toenails, it can be easy to clean them by yourself. This means fewer trips to the nail salon to get a professional pedicure. Since your health will get improved as well, this machine saves you money on your medical bills because there will be less frequent visits to the doctor or reduced incidences of hospitalization.



Owner feedback


The heat feature is designed to simply maintain the temperature of warm water you put in the basin but will not heat cold water. One satisfied user would like to see if the machine can help alleviate several medical conditions including tuberculosis, diabetes, malignant or benign tumors, hemorrhages, thrombosis or phlebitis, fresh or open wounds, varicose veins, ulcerated sores and lots more.

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