Conair Sassy Feet FB333 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 08.12.22


Main product characteristics


This innovative foot spa comes with heat and vibration features

Unlike other products in its class, the Conair Sassy Feet FB333 is equipped with heat and vibration features that provide comfort to your feet while giving warm relaxation. There is no need to boil the water first before settling down in your favorite chair to enjoy a lovely foot spa experience.

This foot bath heats the water up, so you won’t need to run from the kitchen holding a filled kettle just to pour freshly boiled water into the basin. Give your feet a fantastic treat every time. The heat and vibration help you feel great right down to your toes.

The warm, bubbling foot bath delivers an enjoyable spa experience every time. The heat feature keeps the temperature constant during your spa session.

This model comes with a fantastic set of features for the ultimate feet pampering experience

Get extra-deep massage action from the vibrating nodes and massage attachment on the basin’s guard and base. Enjoy a deep, full massage with your feet in comfortably warm relaxation. The pinpoint massage attachment works on the pressure points of the feet by kneading the pain away.

The splash guard and foot tub also feature massaging nodes to help you release the tension and pain away. Get extra-deep massage action for an intensive, full-foot massage.


This foot spa machine is easy and convenient to use

No need to bend down or leave your seat to enjoy a great foot massage experience as this machine comes with convenient toe-touch controls that engage the heat and vibration features.

The bonus pedicure set comes with a pumice stone for scrubbing out the rough skin on your feet. The toe separators enable you to clean your toenails one by one and give yourself the perfect pedicure.

The emery board works to keep your toenails neat and trim. After you finish using this machine, you will feel like you have just had the perfect foot spa and foot cleaning experience.

The 6-foot UL cord facilitates the easy connection to an outlet for power.


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Benefits of using the product


With this product, you minimize the need to go to expensive foot spa salons

At a fraction of the price of professional foot spa treatments, this machine covers everything from foot massage to heat relaxation to vibrating massage and foot cleaning. This machine reduces the need for getting a good pedicure by wading through traffic to make it to a salon appointment.

Investing in this machine lets you get the same relaxing results that professional foot spa salons provide, and it’s all in the comfort of your home.


This foot spa machine helps you achieve health goals

With every 10 or 20-minute foot spa massage session, your lower extremities get better circulation. The reflexology action of this device also reduces the toxic effects of anxiety and depression on your mind and body.

With regular use, this foot spa massager helps keep blood pressure at a constant level, improves the mood and reduces anxiety.


This machine aids in handling various kinds of health issues

Foot massage can aid in the recovery from an injury while also helping with joint pain and reducing muscle soreness and aches. It aids in improving the symptoms associated with cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Foot reflexology helps with migraines and headaches thanks to how it soothes the pains away. The deep massage you get using the machine, when augmented with regular foot exercise, can help reduce the pain significantly or even cure those conditions.

The symptoms of menopause and PMS can get alleviated, and these include tension; insomnia; irritability; fatigue; anxiety; mood swings; headaches; depression; hot flashes. Even fluid retention that leads to edema in pregnant women can be reduced.


Owner feedback


Users have noted how the vibration feature works well. The unit runs with minimal noise though on wood floors it can run a bit louder compared to carpeted surfaces. The vibration is deep and goes up to your knees.


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