Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating DRFB7010B4 – Complete review

Last Updated: 08.12.22


Main product characteristics


This model comes with a five-piece pedicure set.

If you want beautiful feet, the five-piece pedicure set this model comes with will be fully functional for you. Use the items in this pedicure set to keep your feet soft and your nails clean and polished. The set includes a nail clipper, toe separators for each foot, and a nail brush. The four items are kept in a handy little tie pouch. Having your own pedicure set means ensured safety from unsterilized instruments that are used in some pedicure spas. Bacteria and fungus cells could live for days on objects, particularly when they are not cleaned properly. Do make sure to clean the pedicure implements after cleaning to ensure proper hygiene.

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The pumice stone is effective for shaving corns and calluses off.

Corns and calluses are hardened skin, which can crack and hurt badly if allowed to get too thick. A razor should never be used for these types of skin growth. A razor will only raise the risk of infection from fungus or bacteria. Diabetics need specialized foot care and exposing the skin to bacteria and fungus by using a razor will cause a greater degree of problems for them.

By soaking your feet in the warm water in this invigorating foot spa, it will be easy to remove the calluses and corns using the included pumice stone. This will ensure soft heels. Do avoid going barefoot when you can since it can cause calluses.


The rolling massager revives and renews achy and tired feet.

The foot spa comes with a roller massager that eases all of your pains and aches away using reflexology techniques. Enjoy foot reflex zone massage as the different nubs on the roller massager come in contact with countless pressure points on the feet, utilizing them to balance the health of the entire body. The roller massager ensures proper application of pressure in a firm yet gentle manner without digging right into the foot’s tender points. It revives and renews tired, achy feet using invigorating and soothing massage.


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Benefits of using the product


The foot spa provides relaxation.

The bubbles work together with the roller massager to deliver soothing massage. Immersing your feet in the warm water is a fantastic way to relax after a stressful day. The foot spa hydrates the skin while soothing the muscles. It can relieve aches and pains that come from walking in uncomfortable shoes or having to stand for extended periods.


The best foot spa machine handles all the nooks and crannies on your feet that may easily be ignored with just showering or bathing.

By immersing your feet in their own bath, you help reduce swelling in them. This also prevents bacteria from breeding in the cuts or blisters on your feet or under your toenails. The warm water softens the calluses for easy exfoliating. This will also ensure that your feet are clean and healthy, which results in a healthy body as well. Pamper your feet well using this foot spa, and you are on your way to living a healthy and productive life.


This foot spa can bring forth an awesome healing force that can alleviate many symptoms.

If you often have headaches, suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness and others, regular use of this foot spa could lessen those symptoms. This machine can also treat the underlying cause of plenty of internal diseases including heart disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and virtually any ailment known to man. Getting a foot spa can be one of the most pleasurable experiences you can enjoy.

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Owner feedback


The foot spa won’t heat water on its own, like most products in the same category. When filled to the topmost level, the machine won’t maintain the heated water temperature for more than half an hour. However, users consider the time to be more than enough for a good and relaxing foot soak and foot treatment so by the time the water temperature reaches room levels, the user will be ready to take their feet out.


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