Etekcity Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


Eight deep-kneading nodes

Something that seems to make the Etekcity Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager stand out from the crowd is that it is outfitted with as many as eight deep-kneading shiatsu nodes. Moreover, they change direction every minute, which means that you don’t have to fiddle with any of the controls to ensure that all of the parts in that specific area are massaged properly.

Heat therapy

Another aspect you might find interesting is that this model boasts an infrared heating mode that you can choose to activate or not. There are two speed modes you can select depending on your momentary requirements. We suggest relying on this type of heat therapy if you want to soothe your muscles in a timely fashion and improve your blood circulation.


Overheat protection

Unlike some of the other products we have come across, this one has been outfitted with overheat protection. Once you have turned it on, the model will do its job for twenty minutes. If it notices that you don’t customize the settings in any way, it will shut itself off after twenty minutes.
So, if you fall asleep, you can rest assured that the device will be off when you wake up.


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Benefits of using the product


It can help you relax

We all know how strenuous our jobs can be, and spending a lot of time at work in a certain position, especially for people who work in offices where they have to sit at their desk for several hours a day, can have a negative effect on our muscles and joints.
Fortunately, this Shiatsu massager can help you get rid of the muscle tension you might have accumulated during the day. Just sit back and make yourself comfortable on your bed or couch.


It can be used anywhere

Another notable mention with regard to this product is that it comes with adjustable straps. This gives you the opportunity to install it in your car or on any chair in your home. Those of us who drive a lot will know how stiff their necks can get after several hours on the road.


You can customize it as per your requirements

The fact that this unit comes with two speeds is an advantage in itself. You can either select the heating function or simply enjoy the Shiatsu feature. As we have mentioned above, the Etekcity Shiatsu Massager comes with straps of which the length is adjustable, so you can set it up wherever you feel like.


Owner feedback


The majority of the Etekcity massager reviews we’ve encountered praise the value that this product offers for the money. It’s FDA listed and backed by a two-year warranty, so if you’re feeling unsure as to whether or not you should try it out, don’t any have any concerns in this sense.


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