First Botany Body & Foot – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics



This product manages to fulfill the customer’s expectations by delivering various beneficial results, from ridding your feet of fungus or other bacteria and helping you avoid unpleasant smells to removing corns and calluses and last but not least, soothing the pain and the itching.

It can’t replace proper medical care in case you’re suffering from a more severe condition, but it’s specifically recommended for athletes. The scrub works as an exfoliator for the excess dead skin, but the other ingredients in the formula soothe and refresh the skin on your feet.

Natural source

The ingredients used to produce this scrub are entirely natural, which means you don’t stand a chance to contaminate yourself with any artificial components. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll find that this formula is delicate and helps protect it.

Tea-tree oil in combination with other natural essential oils is used to produce this item. For example, you’ll find chamomile oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and many more are also included.


Exfoliating properties

Aside from alleviating the pain and the itchiness of fungus-affected feet, and removing the unpleasant odors through its use of natural oil, this scrub also helps the user get rid of the excess dead skin by using an exfoliating formula.

Due to the blend of dead sea salts and Epsom salt, you’ll find it has a delicate texture that can remove the dry skin, the corns and the calluses with just a soft rubbing movement.

The vitamin E in this composition will help hydrate the layer of skin underneath after the dead skin has been removed.


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Benefits of using the product


Conscious choice

For those who didn’t already know this, First Botany Cosmeceuticals is a company that cares about the environment. Not only do they manufacture their products with ingredients from natural sources, but they are also careful about their packaging.

They use recycled materials and pride themselves on being cruelty-free. In fact, the company cares so much about the customer’s satisfaction that they will refund your purchase if you’re not entirely happy with it.


If you’re anxious about exfoliating because you’re used to feeling pain as a result of sharp blades on callus removers, you can rest assured. This product is pain-free, and the salts it contains are in no way capable of causing discomfort.


Get soft feet

If you want to experience the healthy glow that freshly-scrubbed skin has, you can try this formula. The combination of dead sea salt and vitamin E will make sure that your skin is rid of the excess, but at the same time well-hydrated and not exposed to any bacteria or harmful factors.

Owner feedback


According to the reviews that the customers who tried the formula have submitted for this product, it manages to help a lot in the healing process of various dermatologic diseases. For example, aside from fungus and bacteria, it works well for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

You can use it for other areas of your body, not solely for the feet, because despite the fact that it leaves an oily feeling on your skin, it does not negatively affect its condition; on the contrary, it works well on sensitive areas as well.


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