Foot spa maintenance

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Your foot bath pampers your feet, and like any electric appliance, will need proper care and maintenance to ensure that it does its job effectively every time. It is not going to clean itself up after use, and neither can it withstand abuse or improper use. The foot bath will need to be manually cleaned by you, and if you take care of it, your foot spa will offer years of good use.

1.Foot spa maintenance


Due to the nature of its application, a foot bath cannot be used by -much less shared with- people who have skin wounds or open sores.

You use a foot spa to cleanse your feet and rid your body systems of impurities. Thus, skin infections on the feet can easily spread when different people use the unit. Even with proper disinfection, the foot bath can be the source of dangerous pathogens that can spread one from person to another. Users with insect bites, wounds that have scabbed over, simple scratches, or any condition that renders the skin unable to ward off infection should refrain from using the unit in consideration of others who use the same machine. There are liners that provide hygienic use, but there are some germs that can’t be easily warded off with just a sheet of tub lining.

In addition, doing your pedicure or foot waxing, which can open up the skin pores as well as damage the skin, should be done after soaking your feet and not before. The heated water will open up your feet skin pores further to increase the risk of infection. Soak your feet first before the other treatments. which will also soften the cuticles and the skin for optimal treatment afterwards.


Clean and disinfect as recommended.

After use, the foot spa should be emptied of water and any visible debris removed. Use detergent or soap along with clean water to remove stains and marks on the surfaces of the foot bath. After this preliminary cleaning procedure, disinfect the surfaces using an EPA-approved disinfectant solution while following the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the formulation. Follow recommended dilutions, if any, to ensure complete sterilization or to keep from damaging the surfaces of the foot bath.

At the very least, the surfaces of the foot bath should be applied with disinfectant for a good ten minutes or so to ensure complete hygienic cleaning. Rinse the disinfectant off with clean water.Some manufacturers recommend filling the tub with water, putting in the right amount of disinfectant solution and running the unit to ensure thorough circulation of disinfectant.


Scrub clean the essential components of the foot spa basin.

The removable parts, inlet jets and filter screen of the foot spa tub should be given special attention during the process of disinfection. Scrub those parts with a brush and soap or disinfectant, observing proper cleaning instructions. Rinse them with clean water and drain.

2.Foot spa maintenance


Be aware of the condition of the foot bath.

If you are unable to clean and disinfect your unit on a regular basis, you should be aware that it will need more than a regular level of servicing when you get around to doing that. This is to ensure no unwanted buildup of bacteria in the system. Obtain the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for such cases. You may need a disinfectant with higher concentration or even special products such as tuberculocidal agents to ensure thorough cleaning. Once the unit has undergone sufficient disinfection, make it a point to regularly perform cleaning and disinfection.


Be safe during cleaning.

Unplug the machine from the socket and let it cool down first before cleaning. Do not employ abrasive cleaning agents that can damage the tub and the vital components of the unit. Use the proper and recommended cleaning formulations. Clean the splash cover and pumice stone manually with soap and warm water for best results.