Giantex Portable Foot Spa – Complete Review

Last Updated: 08.12.22


Main product characteristics


The machine balances water temperature on its own

There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a nice hot bath and realizing that you have to go to the bathroom and fetch more hot water. Especially if you are the type who enjoys being able to spend more time getting a well deserved foot bath, you will be displeased with this issue. The Giantex solves it by coming equipped with an advanced thermo-control system that adjusts water temperature so that it is perfectly maintained to the temperature of your choosing. There is no longer any need for trips to the sink and you can relax to your heart’s content.



The basket design makes it portable

The unit has a basket design, so it is very easy to close the lid and then move it around. When you want to place the foot spa next to a comfortable chair or the bed, you can do so with ease. Also, once you are done with your treatment and you need to take the unit to the bathroom to drain the water, the handle comes in handy and you will have no trouble with it.


This is an all in one foot massager that does it all

When investing in a home foot spa, it is best to consider a product that does it all. The Giantex offers, besides the therapeutical effect of hot water, many other functions. Red light exposure, massage with oxygen bubbles, vibration massage and various settings greatly improve the efficiency and the benefits of the massage you will get in this manner.


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Benefits of using the product


It improves blood circulation

What matters most for tired legs after spending an entire day on your feet is to get proper massage and relaxation so that the stagnating blood can flow freely again. This is the main benefit of this machine that combines the great effects of heating therapy with a thorough massage that will help blood flow and restore proper circulation in the lower area of your body.


It helps with your metabolism

Your metabolism benefits greatly from the advanced massage you receive when using this machine. Important reflexology points are located on the soles of your feet, and by having these properly massaged, you are benefitting from improved health.


It smoothes your meridians

The energy inside your body flows through pathways called meridians. When these become clogged, because of stress and illness, you feel sick and overwhelmed. This machine is capable of smoothing your meridians and ensuring that your natural energy pathways become free of all obstacles, for a happy, relaxed and healthy life.



Owner feedback


This unit is highly appreciated by people who spend a lot of time either on their feet or behind a desk, without moving for hours. Bad blood circulation can be remedied by regular foot massages such as the ones offered by the use of the Giantex. It is also more affordable than other similar products, which is a great plus in many buyers’ opinion.


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