GiGi Digital Paraffin – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


With a beautiful classic design, this model comes provided with plenty of features that all users are deemed to find practical. For instance, the product has a quick melt feature as well as adjustable digital temperature controls. Moreover, the device is quite sizeable, so that your ankles and your wrists can be entirely covered with wax.

The model allows you to control the temperature of the wax

One of the most significant advantages of the product is the fact that it enables the users to adjust the temperature of the wax. Because of this feature, you will be able to heat the wax at a specific temperature that is not too hot for your tolerance level. Also, the manufacturer claims that the device also comes supplied with a quick-melt feature that can prove itself quite practical in the long run.


Practical lid

Secondly, the device comes supplied with a cap that is spill resistant and see-through. Consequently, this product can be easily carried from one place to another without the risk of spilling the wax while doing so.

Also, because of the see-through lid, you will no longer have to open the cover in order to take a look at the consistency and the color of the wax.


Foot grate

Lastly, this model also includes a removable foot grade that adds extra stability to the device. Because of this, the model will always stay in place. Moreover, this grate also works as a practical filter.


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Benefits of using the product


Free wax included

First things first, when shipped, the model comes supplied with no less than six pounds of paraffin wax. Because of this, you will be capable of using the item in no time. Additionally, you will no longer have to spend time finding a type of wax that is compatible with this device.

The product can provide fast pain relief

As expected, the product can offer the much-needed heat relief for your hands and feet. In fact, as the manufacturer has explained, the heat penetrates the skin, and it soaks deep in order to relieve the pain that you might feel in stiff joints and aching muscles.


Heats up evenly

Last but not least, this model is worth your attention because it heats up evenly. Therefore, you no longer have to worry that the wax that you are provided with does not have the same temperature.

Owner feedback


All in all, this device is regarded as a safe purchase. At the time that we have carried out our research, this item had received good feedback comments from both prior users and the specialists. Moreover, many of its happy customers said that the device is ideal when utilized to treat painful joints caused by medical issues such as arthritis.

Lastly, the model is appreciated because it is easy to clean since the inside is one complete piece that does not feature hard-to-reach corners. So, given all the positive reviews that it has received, the model is worth your attention.


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