Gone For a Run PR Soles Complete Review

Last Updated: 24.08.19



Main product characteristics



This model boasts the proprietary ACUPOINT design made by the manufacturing brand, and apparently, it is the precise aspect that makes it more comfortable for you to walk using these recovery sandals. The foam cushion that they are outfitted with will make it easier for you to take each step, even after strenuous exercise or a particularly challenging jogging session down the street. The soles are able to activate your nerve endings, so every step will feel like a mini-massage.

Great fit

To avoid having to deal with any type of sizing issues, we recommend checking out the size chart made available by the manufacturing brand. If that isn’t enough, you should read some customer reviews to try to tell whether one size is good for you or whether you should order up or down. However, most of those who’ve chosen this alternative say that it fits great.



In spite of the material being both lightweight and comfortable, it is a somewhat durable option. As such, you won’t have to get new sandals ahead of time as these will more than adequately last for a decent period. You’ll be able to use them both indoors and outdoors with the same results, and they’ll make you as comfortable as possible.


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Benefits of using the product


Pain-alleviating properties

The neatest thing about these sandals is that they are more than capable of alleviating leg, foot, as well as lower back pain by stimulating your nerve endings. What this means is that you will find them both easy and comfortable to wear and you’ll finally be able to get rid of the ache you might have to deal with either because of a chronic medical issue or because you’ve exercised too much and put too much pressure on your feet.

Foot massage

One of the advantages you’ll get if you decide to try out these sandals is that you’ll noticeably feel that your circulation will be vastly improved and as such, your feet will feel pampered and relaxed. That’s something to take into account if you’re looking for relief. The ACUPOINT soles that this model has been fitted with will conform to your foot shape and will provide you with recovery and comfort.



We couldn’t help noticing that some of this model’s competitors are priced significantly higher. So, if you do want recovery sandals but you don’t feel like you’re ready to make a serious investment in a new pair, we would advise you to give a shot to these ones.

Owner feedback


Most of those who have purchased this option seem to be satisfied with their choice. However, some say that their design might not be something to write home about, at least in terms of the looks. But the features of the product do make a difference especially since some customers report that they’ve finally gotten rid of their knee pain after years and years of having to bear it.


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