HEALTHandMED FB401E – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


Detoxification treatments can be expensive if you were to visit a spa for them. However, if you go for the HEALTHandMED FB401E, you will have your own spa at home, to enjoy detox treatments anytime you want and without spending extra. The first advantage offered by this system is that it combines the advantages of ionic detox therapy with infrared therapy, for a deep purification of the body in order to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Regular detox treatments offer great benefits for the body and you can easily get them when using this specific system.

1.2 FB401E Ionic

This is a complete foot bath system, which is why so many people love it and mention it in the best ionic foot bath reviews you can find online. Besides being an efficient 2 in 1 system, it comes with many additional features to complete your foot massage and spa treatment. Consumables are readily provided in the form of 100 liners, 10 array cleaning brushes, cleaning solution and 1/3 of Himalayan salt with its own scoop. Practically, once you get the package delivered to your doorsteps, you can start using it right away.

Detoxification is something you can do at home, but a bit of help doesn’t hurt. The system reviewed here comes with some great bonuses. One such bonus is a free expert detoxification consult, so you can learn more about your body and how you can help it by applying detox treatments. The system comes with a step by step DVD with instructions, so you can learn immediately how to use it. Since some people may have a hard time with the terminology used in the specs, these instructions really come in handy.


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Benefits of using the product


There are many reasons why using an ionic foot bath brings benefits to the body. According to scientific studies, the use of ions helps reducing the acidity in the blood. Why is this aspect important? The explanation is actually quite simple. Alkaline values of the blood make the body less prone to falling ill, while acidic blood represents the perfect environment for diseases to thrive. Offering your body the detoxification it needs on a regular basis will help maintain the pH of your blood within the alkaline limits, and you will fall ill less frequently.

The use of infrared therapy enhances the effects of an ionic bath. Infrared offers many advantages, such as improved blood circulation, pain relief and fast healing. The relaxation effect of this type of therapy also helps with the symptoms of anxiety or depression, so it is good for the mind, too.

1.1 FB401E Ionic


Owner feedback


The vast majority of people who have bought this system are very satisfied with the product. One minor issue that was experienced by a few was a bent plug, but they solved it right away by sending the product back and having it replaced by the manufacturer. A one year warranty that comes with your purchase shelters you from such defects.


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