HoMedics FB-600 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


The product features a pedicure center.

Most foot spas including this awesome product are equipped with a pedicure center. This area is raised above the level of water and provides a place to hold the foot spa’s detachable attachments. The attachments enhance the functionality of the foot spa by providing a roller massager for a nice means of improving circulation on your feet, a pumice scrubber for exfoliation, and a cleansing brush. The range of attachments in a pedicure center varies from one model to another, but this particular one comes with all the components needed to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation. The massage and cleansing components can relieve aching muscles and feet and also stimulate circulation. This enables you to enjoy what you can get during a salon pedicure outside but in the comfort of your home.

1.1 HoMedics FB- 600

The machine comes with heat boost power.

Not all foot spas are engineered to heat water on their own. However, this unit is geared to do precisely that and more. It features heat boost power that raises the temperature of cold water to a nice 98 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes. This means you won’t have to boil water and pour it into the basin and then have it get cold after a few minutes of soaking only. This machine also maintains temperature throughout use so your feet can enjoy the soothing heat during the soaking process. Enjoy the effervescent bubbles generated by the machine that soothe away the tiredness and aching in your muscles and also relax overworked feet.


The unit produces massaging vibration and is complemented by the four pressure-node rollers.

The four pressure-node rollers deliver soothing kneading massage so your tired arches and soles feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The foot massager component combines a soothing bubble massage with raised nodes and rejuvenating jets to provide supremely gentle foot massage. The soothing bubbles massage your feet as the heat relaxes your feet further to complete the foot spa experience. This luxurious foot bath uses the power of soothing heat, refreshing bubbles and gentle vibration to give your feet the pampering they deserve.


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Benefits of using the product


This foot spa promotes proper blood circulation.

Thanks to the effervescent bubbles and soothing massage this foot spa improves blood circulation. With so many nerve endings directly connected to the feet, the machine provides a means of massaging those nerve endings to promote the unclogging of blocked channels to keep the blood flowing throughout your body in an optimal way. This helps you re-energize and relieve stress and tensions experienced throughout the day.


This foot spa is beneficial in treating the common aches and pains accumulated through our daily unhealthy lifestyle.

People often complain of health issues that they aren’t aware are merely caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Arthritic pain in joints and muscles, headaches, indigestion and acidity, insomnia, along with a list of other health concerns, can be soothed away thanks to a foot spa that massages the nerve joints found in the feet. The effervescent bubbles and kneading massage from this foot spa stimulate the nerve endings connected to the various organs of the body that may be suffering from all those health issues so symptoms like migraine, headache, indigestion, acidity and more are soothed away by the heat and massage.


This foot bath can facilitate detoxification.

The foot spa can help detoxify the vital body systems to get rid of collected harmful substances in the kidney and liver, which have nerve endings directly linked to the feet. This aids in maintaining optimal pH balance in the body, strengthens the immune system, helps clear away wrinkles and acne and more.

1.3 HoMedics FB- 600


Owner feedback


A good enough home foot bath at its pricepoint, this machine works quite well for what it’s designed to do. It keeps the water hot, massages the feet, doesn’t hurt the ankles and doesn’t splash. It can even be used with some epson salt or other essences for the ultimate foot spa experience.


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