Homedics FMS-270H – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


The Homedics FMS-270H is a highly efficient Shiatsu foot massager that will help you enjoy the benefits of the ancient Asian technique for the comfort of your feet. It comes equipped with 6 heads that rotate, so you will enjoy having both your feet properly massaged at the same time. You will be able to experience a full Shiatsu massage, and that without having to see a specialized therapist and pay a hefty sum of money for it. If you have been looking for a foot massager with Shiatsu functions, this one could easily be the one.

1.Homedics FMS-270H

A great feature offered by this model is the availability of multiple massage modes. There are no fewer than 18 to choose from, so you have plenty of freedom to pick one option or the other. It all depends on what kind of massage you want to get and choose the one that is the closest to what you have in mind.

As a user, you will surely appreciate the soft touch controls that can be activated with your toes, without having to bend over and straining yourself in the process. The superior convenience offered by this unit has made it quite a hit with consumers, besides its other useful features.


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Benefits of using the product


If you are in need of relaxation, there is hardly something better than a foot massage. As it harnesses the benefits offered by the old Shiatsu massage techniques, the Homedics FMS-270H is perfectly capable of providing you with the much needed relaxation after a hard day at work or after a more thorough workout. Active people, as well as those who spend a lot of time without working out their feet, can benefit from the great relaxation induced by the foot massages offered by this unit.

Your feet are subjected to a lot of abuse every day, without you being aware of it. You may spend a lot of time standing up or you may keep your legs in the same position when sitting at your desk. During all this time, the blood flow in your feet is affected, and your health suffers, as a result. A complete foot massage, such as the one offered by this unit, changes things for the better and it serves at improving blood flow in the feet. Even more, as the blood circulation in your feet increases, the rest of the body benefits, since blood flow becomes better overall.

The soothing effect the unit delivers in your feet is really something to write home about. While poor blood circulation may not be apparent to you, the pains you experience in your feet are closer to home. By regularly using this foot massager, you will get rid of leg and foot pain and you will enjoy your life more.

3.Homedics FMS-270H


Owner feedback


Some users mention that the ability to slightly angle the unit for a more comfortable position for the feet would have been nice. Nonetheless, they praise the unit for being good value for the money and for being powerful enough to deliver the foot massage they want. We hope that this Homedics foot massager review has helped you make up your mind about whether you should go for it or choose something else.


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