Homemade foot spa benefits

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Not all those in need, have the possibility, the time or the resources to make a regular appointment to a professional spa. Although professional treatments bring great results, while you just sit and enjoy, creating your own DIY foot spa can be rewarding yet challenging at the same time.

2.Home foot spa benefits

A treatment can make appeal to various techniques and methods.  Firstly, your feet are soaked in lukewarm water, so that they feel perfectly relaxed. Certainly, water alone can’t perform miracles, but, combined with other substances and ingredients, you can create a wonderful solution for your feet. The water, accompanied by ingredients such as: essential oils, Epsom salt (helps eliminate toxins and alleviate muscle cramps) or body wash will become a great environment for your feet.  You mix the ingredients in a foot bath, and you just sit and enjoy the feeling for 10-15 minutes. Next to the foot bath, have your pedicure set, a foot scrub, a pumice stone, a foot lotion (or a body lotion if you don’t have a foot lotion), buffers and a towel.

The scrubbing stage follows after the 15 minutes of soaking. For the removal of dead skin you can use a pumice stone, a harsh bath sponge or a homemade foot scrub. After scrubbing well, but not too harshly so that you do not damage the healthy skin, proceed to the pedicuring part. Use a pedicure set that will enable you to perform all the operations that make your toenails look dashing. Once the pedicure is finished, apply body lotion (make sure you use a quality one to obtain the smoothest effect) on your feet. It is advisable to put on fluffy socks after using the body lotion, for an excellent result.

A good option for refreshing your feet is a foot spa containing lemon rounds, peppermint, rose petals and Epsom salt mixed in warm water. Then, you can use moisturizing body lotion or oils to hydrate the skin in depth.


However, if you find yourself in times of trouble, and none of those ingredients are to be found inside your house, you can also moisturize your feet with a mixture of warm water and milk. Together with it, prepare a scrub from sugar, olive oil and body lotion. All you have to do is dip your feet in the mixture of milk and water, exfoliate your feet with the scrub to get rid of dead cells and then use a moisturizer (such as coconut oil, almond oil or grapeseed oil). You will feel like a new person after that.