Hot Tools Ultimate 61360 – Complete review

Last Updated: 21.08.19


Main product characteristics


The model reviewed here is very easy to use and this is one of the main reasons why it is so much loved by consumers. The Conair foot bath comes with three push buttons that can be activated with your toes, so you do not have to bend or strain yourself in any way when you are using the device. For a model that has been often called the best home foot spa, it is no wonder that it comes with so convenient ease of use. The controls can be used to adjust the settings, so you can get the type of treatment you want. You can turn the LED lights and the bubbles on and off. The waterfall feature is a nice add-on, but you can turn it off, as well.


You will surely love the pedicure set that is provided with your purchase. When you are caring for your feet, getting a good massage definitely helps with feeling more relaxed and happy. But what you can get as a bonus always counts when you are shopping for a foot spa bath. This one comes with a brush for cleaning your feet properly, a pumice stone for softening your feet and a leg rest so you can enjoy the best relaxation possible. The two foot rollers employed on the sides are a great add-on for the times when you want to relax completely.

The waterfall function is what makes this product really great. Of course, a real waterfall is the most conducive to relaxation and pain relief in your body, but this is not something that you can easily enjoy in the comfort of your home. This model does it best, by offering a waterfall feature that will simply work wonders for your feet. You can turn the feature on and off, by the touch of a simple button.


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Benefits of using the product


Relaxing the feet is very beneficial for the entire body. As the pain and tension in your feet fades away, you will feel more and relaxed, until you will be able to relax completely. This contributes to a great restful sleep at night, and you will also be able to feel refreshed and revived the next morning. The waterfall function of this specific product helps a great deal with feeling this way.

The invigorating waterfall effect works wonders for the entire body, and you will not have to leave your home and head on for the closest waterfall, which could be thousands of miles away from you.

When your body is relaxed and revived in this manner, it is much easier for it to fight disease and eliminate toxins and waste. You will not only feel great, but your body will be healthier, too, so, all in all, this is the type of machine you should get if you want your own spa at home.



Owner feedback


The bubble making mechanism seems to be a bit noisy, according to some users. These reviewers say that they cannot use the machine if there is someone sleeping in the room, but otherwise, there are no other complaints, since the waterfall feature is not noisy, but relaxing and soothing.


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