Hotspa Helen Of Troy HT61360 – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22



Main product characteristics


This foot bath boasts a fantastic design and construction.

This unit looks clean and great right out of the box. The blue and white colors of the machine provide a great combination that makes the unit pleasing to use. The size is enough to accommodate men’s foot size up to 11.5 and women’s size up to 13. The basin has a capacity to hold 3.2 quarts water for a good foot soak. Ideal for home and nail salon use, this unit has large rubberized feet that ensure safe and non-slip support. The unit also has a unique aromatherapy dispenser through which you can add foot soak salts, oils and soaps.

1.1 Helen Of Troy Hotspa Professional


This model is quite easy to use.

The toe touch controls enable easy on and off using your toes. The pedicure center allows you to use the included attachments: the pumice stone, exfoliating brush and circular massager. They all click into place so you can apply some pressure to activate the attachment to rotate. The foot spa does the hard work so you don’t have to. The water jets soothe the feet. The front opening ensures easy emptying of water. This machine uses ozone to clean and detoxify the body as you enjoy your foot spa experience. The heel rest has water drainage holes to help dry the feet after use.


The unit offers convenience.

Heat water during use in this unit, which is one of the best foot baths of 2022. Water remains comfortable and hot during use. The interior basin show the maximum water fill line to eliminate the guesswork. The built-in hood ensures not only prevention of splashes and spills but also to provide maximum retention of heat. The roller massagers in the basin help rejuvenate and revive tired feet. The 8-foot cord ensures easy connection to an electric outlet. There are four settings to choose from, so you can select which one you prefer from the infrared heating massage, bubble setting, water jet setting and soak setting.


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Benefits of using the product


The foot spa offers reduction of stress plus relaxation.

People nowadays spend stressful periods on their feet each day, from commuting to work, standing in queues to order food, waiting in line to do business, or going around the workplace to carry out work-related chores. This foot spa lets you immerse your feet in soothing hot water that can melt the pain and aches you feel, so you are ready to face the world the next day.


Using this foot spa regularly helps you achieve balance.

If you feel jittery and anxious more often than necessary, try using this foot spa once or twice a week. The body is put into panic mode due to the unhealthy lifestyle, work-related stress and unhealthy diet you subject it to. The accumulated toxins need to be coaxed out gently with heat and massage, which are factors that this foot spa can provide. This promotes a sense of harmony and balance throughout the body by using the impressive techniques of reflexology.


By cleansing the body, this product heals it and the mind as well.

By easing out the pains, aches, stress and toxins out of your system, this foot spa unblocks body passages that prevent the free circulation of blood. Essential nutrients along with oxygen are transported effectively through the systems. When wastes are eased out, the systems are able to do their functions optimally.

1.2 Helen Of Troy Hotspa Professional


Owner feedback


During the water heating phase, the unit tends to generate noise, but this is a testament to how the system works hard to deliver hot water in minutes. Most other inferior foot spas do not even heat water during use, so the water just gets to room temperature level easily. This unit gets water hot to ensure a constant temperature for spa-like relaxation.


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