Human Touch Reflex-4 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 08.12.22


Main product characteristics


The patented Figure-8 technology

This product is not like other foot and calf massagers out there that make the blood to flow downwards, accumulating in the foot. Instead, this massager puts the finishing touch when it comes to relaxing your feet since its mechanism possesses an upward, rolling or wave-like motion which enables the blood to properly reach the heart.



The Reflex-4 from Human Touch comes with an included mechanism that is capable of mimicking a real-life therapist’s massage and you we think that you will be pleasantly surprised by this one. Of course, it’s not yet possible for a machine to function exactly like a human, but this technology is among the furthest steps taken towards achieving this.


Reflexology rollers

Another cool feature incorporated in this foot massager that will make you write a good review is represented by its reflexology rollers which will not feel exactly like a session with a professional therapist, but they will more than do their job in pulling the soreness out of your tired soles and heels.


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Benefits of using this product


Relax your feet

Unlike other models who are designed for fitting just the soles and heels of your feet, this one is capable of accommodating your calves as well since it comes with an adjustable tilt base which will allow you to rest without worries. It is an ideal piece of machinery that will be able to go to work rejuvenated every morning or it will remove the stress accumulated during a full day of work.


Good for your health as well

We’ve talked about how its numerous features make it a more than capable foot massager, but maybe you’re still wondering if that’s all it provides. Well, find out that it’s not the case. The Reflex-4 is good for providing quick relief for your sore feet and ankles, but you’ll find that it works great in alleviating pains associated with troubles like fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, it will prevent varicose veins and is ideal for diabetic people. It comes with a 15-minute time limit that will prove to be able to ensure your safety and the product’s prolonged lifespan as well.


Different types of massage

When you are spending money on a foot massager, we bet that you’re hoping to find one that does a fantastic job on your feet. This product comes with four modes of massage: two types of Shiatsu, Relax and Refresh. This is great for those who like a little variety of their massages. So if you just want something minor done on your feet to relax while watching your tv series, then you can do just that. However, if you’re in need of something more vigorous to make you completely tireless, then you have this possibility as well.




Owner feedback


The models made by this brand are improved by listening to its customers, and this model is ideally designed to suit anyone. Its reviews regard it as an outstanding foot and calf massager that is clearly better than other products.


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