Kendal All in One FBD2535 – Complete review

Last Updated: 26.05.19


Main product characteristics


The Kendal FBD2535 is among the most cutting-edge products in the line, as it has a broad variety of functions and capabilities. Some of the most acclaimed characteristics of this foot and leg spa are its motorized rolling massage, heating therapy, water fall and water wave massage, and oxygen bubbles massage. This unit is remarkably convenient, as it allows the user to visualize the digital temperature and adjust it in accordance with his or her needs and preferences. Since the model features a timer control, the buyer doesn’t risk spending too little or too much time in the heated water.


Unlike other products in the same line, this one can be utilized both for the feet and for the legs of the buyer. This characteristic makes it incredibly versatile, particularly for people who stand all day long at work. The water fall function allows the users to feel the water flow spraying on his or her feet and legs, thus bringing forth multiple benefits which one would fail to find in other models. The deep tank has been developed using the highest quality materials that now exist in the world, which considerably contributes to the overall item durability.

When it comes to ease of use, the All in One FBD2535 is a net winner. The controls are easy to touch and can be adjusted in a timely fashion, regardless of whether or not the user is tech-savvy. In addition, the temperature of the water can be customized between twenty degrees and forty-eight degrees. The neat thing about the All in One FBD2535 is that it comes with a temperature indicator that can let the buyer know when the water has gone below forty-two degrees Celsius. The indicator is blue when the water is below this figure and turns red once the temperature of the water has reached the threshold.


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Benefits of using the product


Some of the most notable benefits on the part of the user who chooses the Kendal FBD2535 range from significantly improving blood circulation to boosting metabolism. What’s more, relieving fatigue is one of the main advantages of buying and using a foot bath with the specs of this product. Without a doubt, this is something to look for if the buyer spends all day long on his or her feet at work. Sitting in front of the computer for several hours at a time can take its toll on the circulation in the foot and leg area, and so this product is destined for people in this line of work as well. Since there have been buyers who reported that they have utilized the All in One FBD2535 with foot soaks with tea tree oil and Epsom salts, it goes without saying that relaxation is one of the gains of using this product.



Owner feedback


Even though the Kendal All in One FBD2535 is the best rated foot spa on the market today, there have been some individuals who have reported minor issues. Some users say that the power cord is not long enough, while others seem to find the walls of the unit a bit too high. All of these reviewers state that these details are by no means deal-breaking.


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