Kendal FB36A – Complete review

Last Updated: 24.08.19


Main product characteristics


This foot spa combines a revolutionary fusion of bubbles, infrared and gentle heat to deliver gentle foot massage.

This is a spa bath massager that uses heat, infrared and bubbles to massage away the aches and pains you feel after a hot day. The use of heat has been proven to relieve pain gently, easing away the knots in your tired muscles by being channeled through the many nerve pathways on your plantar area to the different organs and muscles of your body, ensuring that the pain is gently coaxed away.

The infrared heat also does the same thing, working on the various reflexology points in the feet that connect directly to different body organs. You get a deep tissue massage for your tired feet through the gentle vibrations and kneading of the soles of your feet. The oxygenated bubbles improve blood circulation. Your feet will feel relaxed and refreshed thanks to the fusion of warmth and vibration you get from this all-in-one machine.



This product also provides an exceptional self-pedicure system that lets you do your own pedicure treatments right in the comfort of your home, while ensuring energy efficiency.

A perfect gift to yourself or any DIYer, this foot spa ships with all you need to treat yourself to a nice pedicure treatment in the comfort of your home. The included electronic pedicure and callus remover kit is a set of revolutionary tools you can use to do your own pedicure without leaving the house. The pumice stone, cleansing brush and massage pads offer a great way to clean your toenails and the many nooks and crannies of your feet for a complete foot pampering experience.

Because this is an energy-saving model, it can’t heat up the water quickly but ensures that the temperature of the warm water is maintained throughout the foot spa treatment. Simply put in preheated water before soaking your feet in the foot spa.


This model provides ease of use.

The FB36A is equipped with three preset programs so you can choose which one to use for each session. Select from: warmth + vibration massage + bubble + infrared; warmth + air blowing; vibration massage + infrared. The diffuser can blow air and also doubles as an aroma diffuser if you want to infuse the water with soothing essential oils and bath salts to enhance your foot spa experience. The foot spa comfortably fits men’s size up to 14, so it can be shared by everyone in the family who needs a relaxing foot spa/massage experience at the end of a tiring day.


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Benefits of using the product


The Kendal FB36A can help provide relief from various ailments caused by blocked nerve pathways.

The heat and infrared therapy work to improve blood circulation so your nerves do not get clogged with unwanted toxins that can make you sick in the long run. The foot spa also improves metabolism by easing out those harmful substances in the various organs of the body that hinder the effective flow of energy throughout. The soothing heat and rolling foot massage provide an effective means to relieve fatigue in the various muscle groups. This model smoothens the meridians of your Qi system so you feel peaceful and calm and ready to face another day.


This foot spa can provide years of use with its high quality construction.

The body of this foot spa is made of premium quality plastic, ensuring high temperature resistance as well as reliable aging resilience. This means the unit can deliver years of durability and won’t easily break just because of the water temperature and warping. It is a lovely piece of equipment that will make a good impression if given as a present.


This foot spa is a versatile piece of gear that you can use to enjoy the ultimate foot pampering experience minus the stress of maintenance.

Put some zing into your foot soak by infusing it with your favorite bath salts and oils or even Epsom salt to calm your nerves and relax you. The unit slopes up to your toes at 3.5 inches to cover most of your foot in warm water. Holding about 2 gallons of water, this foot spa has wheels so you can transfer its location when you want since it is lightweight at just 7 pounds.



Owner feedback


One user has commented that the foot spa tends to run with a bit of noise, but this is to be expected since the unit is designed to maintain the warm temperature of the water. The unit provides vibration to massage the various nerve channels on the feet, with the small nubs at the bottom of the basin initially hurting the soles the first time but the feeling turns to relaxation as those tiny knots on the surface of the foot are coaxed away eventually. You will even start to press down on the nubs to feel better.


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