Kendal FBD1023 – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


The All in One FBD1023 is one of the most acclaimed units in the line. That does not come as a surprise considering the number of features it comes with. It is among the most sophisticated and cutting-edge products we’ve analyzed, in that it can be used for its motorized rolling massage, heating therapy, and oxygen bubbles massage. Also, the unit has both a waterfall and a water wave function.

The neat thing about the All in One FBD1023 is that it can work with various needs of different users. On this account, the temperature of the water in the basin can be adjusted between twenty and forty-eight degrees Celsius. Moreover, when the temperature of the water goes down and drops under the threshold of forty-two degrees, the LED light on the device changes its color. Therefore, users can notice when the water is getting too cold judging by the blue light of the temperature indicator. Once the temperature has reached forty-three degrees, the indicator changes its color and becomes red.


The main factor that makes this device so popular amongst the plethora of units that now exist on the market is its waterfall function. This allows the appliance to spray water on the user’s feet and calves, thus giving him or her the benefit of a healthy and relaxing massage. The water flow is composed of two water jets that are combined with air bubbles.

Durability is an innate characteristic of the All in One FBD1023, as it has been developed using high-quality plastic. The multi-insulation protection is absolutely secure and makes it possible for buyers to utilize the foot bath for many years after having purchased it. Both the manufacturer and many people who have bought this unit claim it takes the cake when it comes to sturdiness.


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Benefits of using the product


While it might look like so many capabilities are not very important when it comes to buying the right foot spa, it might be worth noting that the Kendal FBD1023 comes with the right combination of functions. Both the water and the temperature control features give users the freedom to adjust the modes in accordance with their needs. What’s more, the model is remarkably easy to use, as it comes with an LED display and a remote control. Thus, the buyer does not even need to use his toes in order to select the settings he or she prefers.

Some of the most notable benefits one might get from beginning to use this device are improving metabolism, relieving fatigue and promoting blood circulation. Both people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen and those who work standing all day long can significantly benefit from using this product.



Owner feedback


The All in One FBD1023 is the best rated foot spa we’ve stumbled upon during our research. That definitely says something, since we’ve looked at so many units. American buyers claim it’s worth every penny, as it’s very comfortable to use and offers great value for the price.


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