Kendal FBD720 – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


The Kendal FBD720 is an all in one solution for getting the same type of foot massage you would get from a professional spa, in the comfort of your own home. A rolling massage is readily ensured by two massage rollers that can be removed in order to get other types of massage. The model also offers heating therapy, as it is well known that hot water helps a great deal with relaxation and relieving fatigue. You can also get water wave massage and high frequency vibration for making your feet and your entire body feel as good as new.

1.1 All in one foot spa bath massager with rolling massage

One of the great useful features of this model that is rightfully called by many the best foot bath is the ability to adjust water temperature from 20 degrees to 48 degrees Celsius. Depending on how hot you want the water to be when you are applying the treatment, you will get different results. You will surely love how easily you can adjust the water temperature, and the indicator located on the container will let you know right away if you have water under 42 degrees or above. Whenever you are in the mood for a great water treatment for your feet, the Kendal FBD720 is the most recommended.

When you are using this personal foot spa, you will not have to worry about a thing. The model is built of high quality materials, and an important aspect that it is built with safety in mind. Older models used to pose a threat of overheating, which was why people were not very fond of them, but newer foot spas like this one have a double overheating protection that makes sure that you will never have to worry that the water will get too hot and burn your skin. The heating semiconductor is made by DuPont, which is a warranty in itself.


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Benefits of using the product


There are many reasons why you should get the Kendal FBD720 for your home. First of all, you will never have to leave your home again for a foot massage, and you will not have to pay the hefty fees that professional massagers charge. The type of therapies offered by this home based foot spa is very beneficial for your health. Water and heat therapy is great for improving circulation in the feet, and, from there, in the entire body. As you well may know, good blood circulation is a guarantee for better health and it helps prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Using a foot spa bath is helpful not only for your body, but for your mind, too. Those suffering from anxiety and depression can greatly benefit from a foot massage once in a while. As your body relaxes, your mind does the same, and you will enjoy better overall well being.

1.2 All in one foot spa bath massager with rolling massage


Owner feedback


Many of those who have bought the Kendal FBD720 are very satisfied with this personal foot spa. Nonetheless, there is a minor issue that should be mentioned. Some of the owners of this particular product say that the cord is a bit too short, so you cannot move the foot massage bath all over the place.


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