Kendal MS0809M – Full review

Last Updated: 08.12.22


Main product characteristics


This great foot massager offers various types of therapy in the same package. Too often, the products you can find on the market provide just one type of relief, and cannot qualify as a veritable home based spa for your tired feet. This is not the case with the Kendal MS0809M that offers heating therapy, oxygen bubble therapy, high frequency vibration massage and it also has infrared capabilities for a well rounded experience. The all in one approach of the manufacturer makes this Kendal foot massager a real hit with consumers who want to enjoy all the beneficial effects of a foot massage.

1.1 All in one foot spa bath massager

The product reviewed here is safe to use, and this is a good thing to know. The DuPont PTC heating semiconductor used for heating up the water needed for the foot massage is capable of bringing water to the needed temperature with great ease, and it also maintains the water at a constant temperature, so you can enjoy the pleasant effects of water and heat therapy for as long as it is needed. Even more, the construction of the Kendal MS0809M offers multi-insulation protection and it is safe to use, as it offers protection against overheating.

Another important characteristic of this product is its easy maintenance. Because of its self drainage feature, you will not have to worry about carrying the container all over the place and exerting yourself while trying to empty it. Overall, the Kendal MS0809M is made of high quality materials, so you do not have to worry that much about wear and tear. The plastic the container is made of is resistant to high temperature and it does not suffer deformations, even after prolonged usage. Because of its elegant appearance, it is a great choice as a gift for your friends or family members.

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Benefits of using the product


People use spa services for more than just relaxation and beautification. Undergoing water therapy is very beneficial for your entire body and a gentle foot massage can make you feel as good as new. Among the many benefits of using the Kendal MS0809M, a few need to be mentioned most and foremost. For instance, by getting a thorough foot massage, you will improve blood circulation in the entire body. It is well known that spending a lot of time without moving can have a severe impact on your health, and this is the type of problem alleviated by this foot massager.

Another benefit worth mentioning is that a good foot massage and the therapies used by the product are very effective at improving metabolism. As we age, metabolism tends to become very slow and this means that the entire body encounters troubles when fighting diseases. The Kendal MS0809M is great at relieving fatigue, as well.

1.2 All in one foot spa bath massager


Owner feedback


Although the vast majority of those who have bought the Kendal MS0809M consider it the best foot bath, there is a minor issue voiced by a few. This issue is related to how on vibration, the noise tends to be a bit distracting. Even so, people say that this is just a minor nuisance that does not deter them from using the product.

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