Kerasal Intensive Repair – Complete Review

Last Updated: 02.12.22


Main product characteristics


Fast results

According to the brand itself and most importantly, based on extensive research and various reviews from satisfied customers, it’s safe to say that this product delivers unexpectedly fast results since it managed to impress such a large audience.

If you’re looking for an item that can help you achieve that healthy-looking soft skin, then you should check this alternative out.


The American Podiatric Medical Association has stated that this product is safe for use, and most importantly, it is clinically proven to be efficient. It’s different from other similar formulas since it is a highly concentrated ointment that can soften and remove the dead skin, and hydrate the layer underneath.



The thing that makes this item work is the combination between the formula of an exfoliator and that of a hydrating lotion, so it makes it easy to perform both processes in one step. You’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your cleansing routine.

Also, instead of merely moisturizing your feet, you will repair the damaged tissue if you continue using this product, and the results will significantly improve as time goes by. This is more than just a can of cream, it’s a medical recommendation.


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Benefits of using the product


Go pain-free

If you’re one of those customers slightly afraid of using a regular callus remover because they do not want to cause accidental injuries to the softer skin tissue underneath the dry part, then rest assured. You can try this method and see how using a cream exfoliator is radically different and for some even more efficient.

This product manages to do what even some traditional grates do not, just by combining the two formulas, that of an exfoliator and that of a lotion into one item.



Clinically approved

Unlike other cream alternatives that can also be found on the market, this option has been recommended by medical associations and has been validated by the users’ reviews. The formula is very concentrated, so it’s closer to the recipe of a medicinal ointment than to that of a lotion, which will make it a lot more efficient.



Aside from its apparent exfoliating role, this cream delivers excellent results when it comes to hydrating the layer of skin that is hidden underneath the calluses. You’ll be able to enjoy glowing, healthy-looking skin after just a few uses, and if you continue, the treatment of dry heels will be an issue of the past.



Owner feedback


Quite a few reviews from customers who used to struggle with this issue have stated that this product has delivered incredible results for them. It is therefore recommended even for people with severely dry skin, but most importantly for those who want to avoid the pain of using a callus remover.

Perhaps its most relevant benefit is the fact that the results are noticeable after only one use, especially if you put on a pair of socks and let the formula sink in overnight.


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