MediMassager MMF06 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 30.04.20


Main product characteristics


The MediMassager MMF06 offers one of the most comprehensive treatments for your feet on the market, since it comes with 11 different speeds for you to choose from. These speeds vary between 1,000 to 3,700 rpm, so you can truly customize the treatment you wish to get for your feet. For an electric foot massager, this one is really powerful and the fact that you can choose from so many options regarding speed is a really great plus.


The surface of the foot massager is specially designed to help you get the best from your foot massage. Besides the fact that the model is so convenient for home use, it must be said that its particular design helps a great deal with targeting the pressure points present in your feet, so you can enjoy overall better health.

The construction of this model is very sturdy and reliable, so you will be able to use it for a long time without the need for a replacement. You can use the foot massager on both tiles and hardwood floors, since it comes equipped with a special kit that keeps the unit in place, so that it does not slip from under your feet when you need a home foot massage performed.


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Benefits of using the product


If you are used to spending a lot of time standing up, you will find this unit to be particularly helpful for the heavy painful feet you often experience at the end of the day. What this foot massager does is that it greatly improves blood circulation in your feet, which, in turn, has several important benefits for your health. First of all, when the blood flow in your legs is normalized, you will feel like your feet have become lighter, and even the last remnants of pain will go away. Proper blood circulation in your feet promote better overall circulation in the entire body, so this is very helpful for those who suffer from problems with this aspect.

Patients with diabetes or suffering from neuropathy related problems will benefit greatly from the regular use of this unit. Since a major problem they often confront with is the loss of any sensation in their feet, which, in turn, may lead to severe health problems and even amputation, they need to have their feet massaged on a regular basis. This unit solves this issue and helps them maintain their foot health in good condition.

It is important to mention that this foot massager will help you relax and enjoy better rest at night. Many people who live stressful lives find themselves in the impossibility to sleep well, which, in turn, makes their health spiral downwards. With the help of a foot massager like this one, they enjoy better relaxation and rejuvenation during sleep, so they can face yet another day.



Owner feedback


A few consumers mention that the unit can get rather loudly when working, which may hinder engaging in other activities at the same time, such as watching TV. However, most of those who cared to leave a review say that it helps them a lot with their foot and leg conditions related to diabetes and neuropathy problems.


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