Real Time Pain Relief Foot Cream – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


It has a fast-acting formula

If you need to relieve pain quickly, then you should definitely take a look at Real Time Pain’s Relief Foot Cream. The product is formulated to ensure a quick absorption into the skin, reach the source of the pain as fast as possible, and provide rapid relief right where it is needed.

You can use it for a wide range of foot and ankle pains, so it’s one of those creams that you’ll most probably end up taking with you everywhere, in order to have a solution that provides fast results at any given moment.

Powerful active ingredients

Important for any similar products, the blend should be properly balanced to provide the best results, and Real Time Pain Relief’s Foot Cream is formulated precisely this way, given the 15 natural ingredients it contains.

The all-natural mix includes menthol, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, coriander tree oil, aloe vera, and other quality elements that keep you on your toes during the day when you need to be active and ensure pain-free evenings, once you can relax and get a good night’s sleep.


It is safe for the skin

Another key characteristic of this product we can talk about is the fact that it’s safe to use. In this crowded market that offers many alternatives, sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are safe for our skin.

In this case, you can rest assured that the Real Time Pain Relief’s Foot Cream can be applied without any concerns since it’s a tested and proven safe product that contains no parabens, SLS, nor artificial colors, and the FDA approval stands as proof.


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Benefits of using the product


It improves the blood circulation

The balanced blend of eucalyptus and tea tree oil within the formula helps improve blood circulation, and this brings along many other benefits, the most important one being the pain relief.

The heat-producing ingredients help deal with many types of pains, such as those from bursitis, gout, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. If you are faced with any of these conditions, then you can surely give this product a try.

It moisturizes

Of course, better circulation also means that the skin’s overall aspect is significantly improved, but this is also achieved through the product’s deep moisturizing properties. If you are dealing with dry, cracked skin, then you should know that you can once again enjoy a silky-feeling skin if you apply this cream.


You can use it anytime, anywhere

The great smell and the fact that it quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving greasy traces make this an excellent cream that you can use at any moment. You also don’t need to worry about residues on your clothes, and this is always a good thing.  

Owner feedback


With over 100 people having provided this option with a 5-star rating, this product is definitely an appreciated one. The most important benefits listed by customers are those involving the pain relief since for many of them it’s one of the few products that actually provide results.


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