Relaxzen Shiatsu – Complete Review

Last Updated: 26.05.19


Main product characteristics


The unit has great settings to choose from

Specially designed to ease aching and sore feet, the Relaxzen Shiatsu foot massager is outfitted with a relaxing heat therapy that can be used along with the massage function or separately. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to choose between two particular massage directions that aim to relieve fatigue and make you feel comfortable once again.

Also, it comes with a detachable and washable cover made of plush fabric. This aspect is quite useful for preventing bacteria growth in the massager.

Multifunctional machine

One positive aspect is that this foot massager does an excellent job of removing the tension from different muscles from your body. Given that the fabric cover is fully detachable, you can easily convert the tool into a back massager.

All you have to do is to place the unit on the back and lay down on a chair. You’ll feel invigorated and ready for a good night’s sleep.


The massager is made from high-quality materials

A quick look at multiple Relaxzen foot massager reviews will tell that one thing that many previous users have noticed about this machine is its sturdy build and the high-quality of the materials. If you decide to opt for this foot massager, you make an investment that will last for many years to come.

Furthermore, the product is equipped with an easy to use hand controller that enhances the massaging experience. Plus, you can select the direction and the area where the massager should focus on more and whether you want the heat option or not.


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Benefits of using the product


This user-friendly massager is suitable for all family members

Because it comes with a hand-controller and detailed instructions, the massager can be used by anyone in the family. Not to mention that the unit is portable so you can take it with you while going on holidays, at the office, or when sitting outside in the garden.

You can even lend the unit to a close friend because the detachable plush fabric cover can be washed with mild detergent and warm water.

Simple maintenance

Compared to other products that have spare parts made of metal or plastic which are hard to maneuver, this foot massager is so lightweight that you won’t even have to worry about finding a storage room. You can put somewhere inside a drawer or a compartment where you have fast and easy access.

In addition, its small and compact size makes it ideal for transportation.


Soothing therapy properties

This foot massager can cure aching feet and sore muscles thanks to the heat therapy, which is known to have a positive effect on painful aches. Because you can choose the level of intensity and the direction, you can create your personal massage that provides comfort to the areas where you need relaxation.

The Shiatsu technique is extremely useful because it massages the pressure points located on the soles of your feet.

Owner feedback


All in all, this product has made many people happy and pain-free. It doesn’t have complicated menus that are hard to understand. You just place the feet inside and select the features you desire by using the hand-controller.


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