REVITIVE Circulation Booster – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22



Main product characteristics


Plenty of intensity levels

There are plenty of products that don’t offer a great variety of choices which will allow you to alternate. Luckily, this is not the case of this foot massager, as it comes with as many as 99 different levels of intensity and this is a great feature since it will provide you with a system capable of fitting your exact needs when it comes to the amount of pressure added to your feet.


Stimulate your feet

Besides being able to provide more than enough intensity levels, this clever piece of machinery has 15 different stimulation waveforms included in its design. Why is this great? Because your feet won’t have to become adjusted to just one or two waveforms, leading to an eventual boring massage that doesn’t work like it used to. Your feet will continue to guess, and your blood will flow better.


It works not only on your soles

Many other products come as sturdy, immobile devices that work only on your feet. This is not the case of the REVITIVE, as it provides the Isorocker system. This feature allows your ankles to move along while your feet get the much-needed massage, resulting in better circulation.


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Benefits of using the product


It is easy to use

The designers of this foot massager thought carefully and made it so that it can be used by almost anyone, in a safe environment. It comes with plenty of different settings that can be adjusted so that your needs and comfort requirements will be met. It comes with a remote control so you won’t have to move any more than you’d like to.


Alleviate your pain

Another great benefit of this item is that it provides a decrease in aches and pains that trouble your feet, ankles, and legs. This is done by means of the increased blood flow, alleviating your pains and increasing your well-deserved comfort. This might lead to you sleeping better, cutting down on medication and so on.


Numbness begone!

Besides what we already mentioned, we know that plenty of people suffer from feet with numbness or tingling sensations. There are certain health problems that can cause them and you might want to provide plenty of care, instead of ignoring them. It is a fact that numbness is decreased through increased circulation and that’s where this device plays the winning card.


Owner feedback


The reviews we read state that its users keep it in high regard, as this product works great for sore feet, decreases numbness, increases the circulation, which results in better sleep and beyond all, it is quite easy to use. It provides plenty of adjustable elements which make it ideal for almost any kind of foot-related trouble, from the tired feet of the working-class man to those who suffer from diabetics.



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