Sunny Health & Fitness SH-0601 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


Aiming to be a complete foot massager that will help your feet feel as good as new, this model comes equipped with multiple useful functions. First of all, the Sunny Health & Fitness offers all around massage, so that your entire foot benefits from it. The infrared heat used for making your feet feel really lightweight after a day spent out of the home is a superior feature that must be mentioned here. The ultra long wave massage function is helpful in delivering the best foot massage possible, and the magnetic wave therapy is also extremely beneficial. In case you are after a foot massager with multiple functions, it is recommended to write this model on your list.

1.Sunny Health & Fitness Foot Massager

Another nice feature that people appreciate having in this foot massager is the calorie indicator that basically lets you know how many calories you are burning while you are getting a massage. It is known that massage in general is a good promoter of better metabolism, and this unit shows you exactly how this happens. For people who want to be in charge, this is a useful feature that adds to the overall appeal of this particular unit.

Last, but not least, this model looks really nice and plenty of people appreciate its looks. It is ergonomically built and it feels good when you place your feet inside, and it seems that its overall design was intended to provide both comfort and an equally appealing appearance.



Benefits of using the product


With so many health benefits associated with foot massages, it is highly recommended to get a machine that can do this for you, without you having to pester one of your family members to help you out or pay a professional to take care of your feet. What this foot massager does best is that it promotes an increase in your overall metabolism, which is not something to take lightly. As you may well notice, with age or when suffering from various conditions, metabolism tends to slow down. A proper foot massage, like the one delivered by this unit, can increase your metabolism and make you healthier, overall.

Different vital functions inside your body are properly stimulated when you put this foot massager to work. The pressure points located in the foot area, as described by Shiatsu techniques, are responsible for the well functioning of the internal organs and, by stimulating them, you can basically contribute to the health of these organs, as well. By having a Shiatsu massage delivered by this unit, you will be able to enjoy better health and a better life.

When you suffer from poor health, your ability to exercise is reduced, but massage is readily available as treatment. This is what this model offers, as it helps you maintain your muscles and joints in the feet in good shape, so you can enjoy better overall health.

2.Sunny Health & Fitness Foot Massager


Owner feedback


A minor issue mentioned by a customer about this unit is that the cable cord is too short and therefore you cannot move it around as easily as you may want. The vast majority of the reviews written by users, however, praise the model for its sturdiness and reliability.