The best way to relax – a heated foot spa

Last Updated: 28.09.22


You might think shopping for a heated foot spa is easy, but it is not. Although every foot spa on the market is equipped with a basic heating element, only few models are able to heat water from cold or at the very least, to maintain the heated temperature to your desired level at a specific time duration, and preferably, in just minutes. Yes, there are quite a number of foot spas with heating elements that are utterly useless, with some heaters incredibly so by being unable to keep the water from cooling down to room temperature. Finding a heated foot spa that can live up to its name can become a daunting task, so to speak.

1.a heated foot spa

You want the heated foot spa to be able to provide a feeling of relaxation and help you melt away the stress with its convenient functionality. Having to boil water on the stove just to put into the tub is no longer convenient. What’s the use of the heated foot spa to you then? Just something to put the hot water in? You had better just get yourself a big enough basin and make a foot soak on your own! Or get into the bath tub and give yourself a hot bath!


Some really good models are capable of heating water from cold, and if you don’t watch it, they can even get the water really hot. That may pose a bit of risk for you, but this is where the control knobs and temperature settings on the heated foot spa find their usability. In addition, you also want a foot spa tub that can accommodate more water compared to other units that only cover your feet and nothing else. A heated foot spa that at least fills up to your ankles would be fine, so how much more those units that fill up to a level past your ankles or up to your calves?


A vibrate and massage function helps stimulate the nerve endings on your feet that lead to vital organs of the body. Complemented by the heat of the water, those functions could easily help your tense muscles relax, the blocked nerve passages get de-clogged, and the aches and pains you may have endured for a time get much needed relief.

2.a heated foot spa

Relaxation is what a heated foot spa is supposed to deliver, so a machine that can offer more than just a genuinely working heater is a huge godsend. Powerful water jets under the hood can deliver soothing massage through the creation of air bubbles that work to knead the tense muscles of your feet. Some models come with rollers that massage the arches of the feet. You can also get a complete pedicure experience from models equipped with a set of pedicure attachments, which can include a quality pumice stone to exfoliate the skin of the feet.


If you want the ultimate in a heated foot spa experience, try an ionic foot bath engineered to provide detoxification via special arrays that produce ions during use. These types of machines actually change the color of the water to demonstrate their detoxifying capabilities. Truly, there should be more to a heated foot spa than the name alone, and the various models that deliver as they promise are worth investing in.