Tweezerman Power Shaver – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics



This choice is the go-to model for those that have a lot of dead skin that has to be removed from their heels. Differently from other devices that only shave off tiny bits of callus at a time, this option can deliver consistent results rapidly.

However, it is crucial that one does not use the model on areas of the feet where the skin is thin. Instead, it is recommended that one uses it for severely dry and cracked heels.

Quality blade and practical handle

The reason why the Tweezerman Power Shaver can deliver great results is that the blade that it incorporates is made of quality materials that are very durable. As a consequence, it won’t get damaged or broken easily.

As a plus, the item also features a handle that has a sturdy construction and a non-slip finish. Hence, you will have a good grip on the device at all times.


Easy to use

On top of that, because of its minimalistic design, this choice is easy to use even by those that have never tried utilizing a product of this type before. If, after constant use, the blade that the model includes stops performing as expected, you can always purchase a new one and replace it as its manufacturer also sells additional components of this kind.


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Benefits of using the product


Say goodbye to cracked heels

This efficient unit can be used to clean up the callus buildup that people with dry skin often have to deal with. Additionally, because you will be able to notice the results after the first use, you will no longer have to hide your feet because you find them unaesthetically-looking.

Still, keep in mind that the blade incorporated into the design of the option is pretty sharp. Therefore, applying too much pressure when using it can lead to unhappy accidents.


This product has a practical design that enables its owners to reach areas of the feet that are otherwise difficult to touch. As a plus, because the blade only takes small pieces of dead skin with each pull, the unit can be considered somewhat safe as you won’t risk tearing your healthy skin by mistake.


Easy to use as directions are provided

Because this item includes two heads, switching between them can prove a tad difficult for inexperienced users. To make sure that this won’t be an issue, the seller provides its buyers with the necessary instructions that can help them manage the device efficiently.

Owner feedback


The majority of those that purchased this product were happy with its performance. However, it has been noted that this item is better suited for those that have thick calluses on their feet and less so for those that only have to deal with minimal feet issues. What is more, there have been buyers that were unhappy that the choice does not also come fitted with an extra blade that one can use once the first one gets dull.


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