What products should you use with your new heated foot spa

Last Updated: 02.12.22


Your new heated foot spa is designed to rejuvenate your tired aching feet at the end of a busy day. However, you can enhance the foot bath experience by getting a variety of other items, products or accessories that you can use with the foot bath. Do make sure to check out the manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of these products with the foot spa.

1.What products should you use with your new heated foot spa


Epsom Salt

Distilled from water with naturally occurring minerals, epsom salts are affordable and can easily be purchased at drug stores and grocery stores. Soaking your feet up to an hour in the hot tub of your foot bath infused with epsom salt will help relieve stiffness and muscle pain while softening the skin of your feet and combating foot odor. Sufferers of diabetes, arthritis and athletic injuries that cause foot muscle pain are often advised to have epsom salt bath treatments that also provide whole body relaxation and detoxification. Epsom salts also have antifungal and antibacterial properties and have also been proven not to have any negative effects on the body.


Commercial Foot Bath Salts

With the way your feet work hard everyday, investing in commercially available foot bath salts is a luxury you can afford to treat them to. Many of this type of products have delightfully sensual scents, including fruity ones like orange, and natural herbs like aloe vera, so you can spoil your stressed, tired feet with gentle cleansing and rejuvenation up to your legs. Many commercial foot bath salts work their magic without dehydrating the skin and while softening weals and calluses.


Detox Foot Bath Array

A vital component of ionic foot bath technology, detox foot bath arrays have coils that release a high number of positive and negative ions to deliver robust ionic cleansing in minutes. They last several treatments with an ionic foot bath to give a powerful detoxification therapy through your feet while ensuring low cost per treatment. Available in either long or short cord configurations, detox foot bath arrays do not endanger the user thanks to having no exposed wires and no messy plates that need to be replaced. They are generally easy to clean and come with a modern design that makes them an attractive part of the ionic foot bath. Once depleted, the array can be replaced with a new one at low cost.


Detox or Foot Spa Liners

Designed to ensure easy clean ups and for hygiene purposes, foot spa liners also help prevent staining in the tub. For sanitary reasons, using a liner in the tub lets different individuals have their turn in the foot bath without spreading bacterial and fungal infections to others.


Pedicure Attachments

Providing a customized foot massage and pedicure, the pedicure attachments provided with some great quality foot baths let you treat your feet without the harsh chemicals used in a nail salon. A pumice stone attachment lets you exfoliate the skin of the feet as gently as possible so you don’t damage the skin too much or injure yourself. Some units ship with a nail brush that lets you clean your toe nails of deep seated dirt. Other attachments include handy massagers that supplement the built-in roller massagers of some models.