Why should you buy a foot spa machine?

Last Updated: 28.09.22


You live a stress-filled life on an everyday basis, and pampering yourself at the end of a tiring day by using a foot spa machine helps get you relaxed, rejuvenated and less stressed. The impressive combination of the heated water and air bubbles generated during the process, and in premium quality electric foot baths, the roller massagers and even the detox arrays, will do much to melt the stress away.

1.Why should you buy a foot spa machine


A foot spa machine is less costly than going to professional spas just to get the same treatment.

If you’ve been to foot spa treatments at salons, you’ll know that they are not exactly cheap. I mean, would you work on someone else’s feet and ask for peanuts? Surely you wouldn’t, so that’s why if you add up the repeated costs of getting everyday spa treatment at a professional salon, you might be able to purchase your own foot spa machine with just the cost of two professional treatments in the salon setting, maybe even less. What’s more, you can control what goes into your treatment at home, so you will have peace of mind as well. Additionally, doing your treatments everyday at your most convenient time and in your favorite chair without other customers waiting around for you to finish in using the same machine, is supremely pleasurable.


A foot spa machine zings up your circulation.

An electric footbath generates massaging action by aerating or creating bubbles that gently massage the feet during treatment. This works on the nerve endings on the feet that are connected to nerve pathways going through the different systems of the body. For muscles that have become infrequently used due to a sedentary lifestyle or little exercise, resulting in blocked passages and nerve endings, this is definitely good news. It is even more so when you have to wear uncomfortable shoes to work daily, which can impede proper circulation. Using a foot spa at home for 10 to 20 minutes before you sleep can help your lower extremities get relief, which is even more vital in diabetes sufferers.


A foot spa machine you own is for your (and your family’s) exclusive use.

Perhaps you share the foot spa machine at home with other members of your family, but hey, they’re family. Besides, there are tub liners that ensure sanitary use. Compare that to going to a professional spa where you never know what sort of fungi and bacteria you could catch from using the spa machines they treat their customers in. Get the drift?

2.Why should you buy a foot spa machine

Having your own foot spa machine saves you from traffic and ensures you’re home with the family after work.

Okay, so there are errands you need to do so you can’t exactly rush home after work even if you want to. But if you add a foot spa appointment at the salon to all that, you’ll find yourself more stressed after the spa treatment than you had been in the first place. Why rush through everything when you already have your own foot spa machine at home? Prepare dinner, enjoy it with your family and before you go to bed while watching your favorite crime-drama show on your kickass TV, indulge in a 10 to 20-minute foot bath in your own machine. Add some epsom salt you bought from the grocery store and you should be ready to face the world fresh and re-energized the next day.