Zizzon Foot Care – Complete Review

Last Updated: 20.07.19


Main product characteristics


This choice is made of stainless steel and wood

One of the features that make this product stand out is that it is made of stainless steel, a material that won’t rust and that won’t get deformed. Therefore, this unit won’t lose its shape, and you will be able to use it for an extended period of time.

As a plus, because it has a handle that is made of solid wood, this hard skin remover will feel comfortable in your hands as you will be provided with a comfortable grip. According to its seller, the user will have a smooth control over it at all times.

Its head is removable

This choice has a practical design as its head can be easily removed. This way, you will be able to switch between the shaver and the blade whenever you consider necessary. Because of this feature, loading the file head will also be a task that requires little to no effort.

Plus, because it features a 0.5mm gap, you will be able to remove calluses, as well as cracked or dead skin effortlessly, as it won’t get jammed.


Instructions are included

To make sure that its users are provided with all the necessary information about the product, the manufacturer ships it alongside a brochure. Consequently, you can read about how to use the model in order to avoid any unpleasant accidents. This is particularly important because the choice uses blades that are quite sharp.


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Benefits of using the product


Your feet will be smooth and callus-free

Because it is quite efficient, after using this device, you will end up with soft feet that are free of calluses and dry, or hardened skin. In fact, previous buyers noted that, after utilizing it for the first time, results were clearly visible.

However, it is crucial that you only apply little pressure while using it, as its blade is capable of cutting deeper than expected.

Perfect for those that have dry skin

If you are one of those people that have to struggle with having weird-looking feet because of the dry skin that keeps piling up in the heel area, this product might be just what you need.


Effortless to use

One of the most appreciated aspects that owners noted is that this device is very simple to use, even by those that are not familiar with how items of this kind of work. Moreover, given that it was made of quality materials, this choice is likely to last for a long time.

Owner feedback


At the time we did our research, the option sold by Zizzon had received plenty of positive reviews. Most of its owners remarked that this device has an optimum shaving angle, which is a feature that many similar devices lack. What is more, previous users pointed out that this item has a convenient design and that after utilizing it, their feet remained in perfect shape for an extended period of time. Hence, it does not have to be used frequently.


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